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As we speak about from the chapter It Takes a Network, a fantastic way to fortify your network is to create an introduction between two people who’d benefit from knowing each other. Whenever you introduce two people, you are in a distinctive situation: 1. Youre at an informational edge: You know the two parties, and you also know why both should get acquainted with one another. In the mean time, they know nothing about each other. Both individuals are presumably busy, so you would like to make it possible for them to take actions and rapidly decide if it is sensible to get at know each other.

Youve instantly bestowed social stress on both receivers. Since you know each one of the recipients, they’ll feel social pressure to at least respond. The worst introductory e-mails make busy individuals resent having to react to someone who they don’t know and aren’t certain why they’re being introduced into them. There are 3 types of e-mail introductions. We’ll cover each in blow-by blow detail. LEVEL ONE: The Utilization My Name Intro – Say I wish to introduce Jason into Christina, and say Jason is the senior individual who’d like to meet Christina. Instead of e-mail the two of them, I could inform the lower status individual to e-mail Christina, CC me, and use my title.

This strategy saves me time, but doesn’t guarantee Jason a favorable reaction from Christina, after all, she may well bypass an e-mail which comes from a name she doesn’t recognize. The e-mail chain would look love this: From: Ben – To: Jason – Subject: Getting into understand Christina – Hey Jason. We talked about my friend Christina in lunch. Don’t hesitate to contact her at: christina@example.com and state I recommended you contact her. Let me understand if you end up meeting with – Ben – From: Jason – To: Christina – CC: Ben – Subject: Greetings out of another author in Baltimore \/ Ben Casnocha recommended I contact you – Hi Christina. Ben Casnocha recommended I contact you. He thought very extremely of you – LEVEL TWO: Introducer e-mails both parties straight – This is the most typical type of introduction.


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