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Product Homepage: Click here – Solve an age old problem – For so long since most Exchange administrators will recall, permitting users to send e-mail from among their extra e-mail addresses has always been a nuisance. So its about time a 3rd party awakened to deliver a way to make this simple for end users to control. Exclaimers approach looks both straightforward and logical. On every Exchange Server hosting a Transportation Purpose, Exclaimers Transport Agent is installed, parsing incoming messages which need their Alias changed. On the customer side, an Outlook add-in is installed which permits the user to choose from their Exchange e-mail addresses.

Installation and Configuration – Getting a trial of Mail Alias Manager for Exchange is simple, such as most Exclaimer products. By default the downloading of the program is a 30 day trial, which makes it very simple to test the item before purchase. Prior to installation, we have a look at the instruction provided by Exclaimer. Certainly with products such as the there is a fine line between too much and too little instruction. For the average administrator, the instruction is great. In this folder well find our install documents for your Outlook add ins, so take note of the folder so you can locate it later.

Figure 1: Choosing the installation path – Next, the installation will begin. Not only does the install the underlying files, it also records the Transport Agent with Exchange and instantly activates it. The one thing thats not mentioned in the instruction is that during install, it’ll restart a service: Figure 2: Setup proceeds, Seemingly restarting services – Naturally one might wonder what’s being restarted. A rapid peek at the Services Management Console during Installment show that its the Microsoft Exchange Transportation service: Figure 3: Checking to see which service Has Been restarted – Now, although the won’t affect end users in your way that, say, a restart of your Information Store might it’d be nice to be told about it before it happens, in either the documentation or a confirmation box inside the installation wizard.

Following the installation completes we may launch the Alias Manager control panel. This shouldnt be a product which requires a great amount of effort to maintain or configure, since every users e-mail Speeches are already configured within Exchange and may continue to be managed using native tools. If we would like to have a peek in Exchange and verifies that Alias Manager is actually installed correctly, so you need to use your Exchange Management Shell. Utilizing the Get TransportAgent cmdlet we’re able to see your agent listed: Figure 5: Verifying the Installment of the Alias Manager Transportation Agent – Following the Installment on the first Exchange Server, nicely repeat your process on other Exchange Servers. As stated before, Exclaimer recommends installing the product is set up on all servers hosting the Hub Transportation role. It’s not enough to simply run the installation wizard on each server required though.


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